26th April 2023
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News Desk

These news stories feature audio, photography and footage agencies who
are exhibiting 
at creativeMarketplace New York.

 Note their table numbers - they will be delighted to meet and discuss 

current and future projects.

Global ImageWorks has a New Punk Attitude - TABLE 22

GIWramones cbgb
Loud, dark, and dangerous - Punk Rock burst onto the music scene with an aggressive sound and an in your face attitude. The two-minute anthem reigned supreme. Mohawks, piercings, ripped jeans, and black leather jackets were everywhere. Check out the scene with GIW. Global ImageWorks’ collection of mid-1970s punk footage and photos is a must see for anyone documenting these times. Shot at the legendary CBGB and other landmark New York City venues, GIW’s archive covers the early days of the Punk Rock movement and features footage of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Richard Hell, Wayne County, and many others. Click here to check out footage from the GIW archive. GIWPhoto’s collection takes you to the Round House in London and drops you on NYC’s Lower East Side. Click here to sample some GIWPhoto images. Website: www.globalimageworks.com - Table 22

Greg Brennan Archive Available From Iconic Images - TABLE 18

Celebrity photographer Greg Brennan?fs collection is now distributed by Iconic Images and will be featured at >creativeMarketplace, the premier industry networking event, in New York on 1st April 2020. Greg Brennan is one of Britain?fs longest standing press photographers who has captured some of the biggest news moments of the last 25 years. His hidden passion, however, is capturing the world?fs rebels, rabble-rousers and world shakers at their most candid in black and white portraiture. Big hitters who have personally asked for copies of his photographs range from Michael Jackson to Bill Clinton and the Royal family. A copy of his portrait of HM The Queen is held by the Royal Photographic Collection for posterity at the request of Her Majesty. Greg?fs photographic archive includes portraits of musicians - from the Rolling Stones to Amy Winehouse, actors - from Jack Nicholson to Johnny Depp, royalty - from many countries and world leaders from Nelson Mandela to The Pope - he has captured them all. Iconic Images will be at Table 18 creativeMarketplace on 1st April 2020 in New York City. Find out more here. Their collection includes some of the greatest celebrity photographers including Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson, Ed Caraeff, Robin Platzer, Eva Sereny and now Greg Brennan. Websites: www.iconicimages.net
www.creativemarketplaceusa.com - Table 18